Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Answer to the Ultimate Question...

Dad is progressing well. He has managed to stay on his feet for 3 straight least when he's not napping! He visited the surgeon today and the drain for his stomach, which has been capped for a week, but was left in 'just in case', was removed. He's visiting an infusion center each day to finish up antibiotics to clear all of the infections from his bizarre night of internal poisoning. He has about a week left of the infusions. He will visit the surgeon again next Thursday and may get released at that point. Which means, Mom and Dad may come home as early as Labor Day weekend. The surgeon also encouraged Dad to increase his food and eat whatever he wanted!!

The Ultimate Question, which Dad posed to the surgeon today, went something like this...

Dad: "I have a question."

Surgeon: "When can you start chemo?"

Dad: "No. When can I have a beer?"

Nice! The Answer...Now. The surgeon even said he could have a couple. Dad expressed some reservations about his tolerance level. So the surgeon's orders were to drink it sitting down. Another head split+blood thinners+alcohol= Bad News!! So, I believe he enjoyed a part of a beer this evening, while chilling on the couch. I'm sure he enjoyed the beer even more when someone else was waiting on him and he got to use the excuse of 'Dr.'s orders.' Life is slowing getting back to normal...

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  1. H2,
    Glad you're back home. This must be a great boon to you and yours. Wanted to go to the King 'o Hop event at Schlafly's but was out of town. Ran into Otto at the bottleworks and gave him the good news that you've been back home for a few weeks. Hope to see you and Elaine at Joe's retirement par-tay. I'll bring a couple of cold homebrews (American wheat and a Blackberry wheat). All the best,
    Dave D.